Current Bills

These are the current bills pending in both the senate and assembly in New Jersey. These bill were selected as they impact nursing and or healthcare for citizens in New Jersey.

  • Long Term Care Bills introduced in the NJ State Assembly for discussion on 8/13/20: A4007, A4477, A4478, A4479, A4480, A4483, A4485.
  • Long Term Care Bills introduced in the NJ State Senate for discussion on 8/13/20: S2759, S2784, S2785, S2786, S2788, S2789, S2791.
  • A1760 “Consumer Access to Healthcare Act” eliminates requirement of joint protocol with physical for advanced practice nurses to prescribe medication.
  • A1773 establishes a tuition reimbursement program for certain advance practice nurses who provide mental health care services in underserved areas in New Jersey.
  • A1762 and S1082 require newly licensed registered professional nurse to attain baccalaureate degree in nursing within 10 years of initial licensure as a condition of renewal of the license.
  • A530 establishes minimum certified nurse aide-to-resident ratios in nursing homes.
  • A2439 and S1083 establish minimum registered professional nurse staffing standards for hospitals and ambulatory surgery facilities and certain DHS facilities.
  • A1791 requires hospitals to establish nurse staffing committees.
  • A1419 and S525 revise identification badge requirements for hospital staff.
  • A3829 prohibits use of “Nurse” title by unlicensed person.
  • S76 Authorizes school nurses to administer opioid antidotes to overdose victims on school property, with immunity from civil, criminal, and professional liability, pursuant to the “Overdose Prevention Act.”

How a Bill Becomes Law

There are many steps for a bill to become a law. This link will walk you through those steps needed to get a bill to become a law in New Jersey. For more information go to

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