NJCCN Annual Reports provide an overview of the achievements and events of the Center.

2016 NJCCN Annual Report

2016 Annual Report: Turning Point

2016 was a time of reflection for the NJCCN, as well as the inception of many innovative projects. We hit the ground running with comprehensive supply and demand data models, and our new demand data report. We funded and managed new grant projects, including a residency program for nurses in post-acute care and a leadership program for school nurses. Our Strategic Planning process synthesized all of these projects and set the tone for the foreseeable future. Our actions this year are in line with our belief that accurate data is the key to evidence-based problem solving. However, the NJCCN has moved beyond simply being a resource, and has taken an active role in addressing nursing workforce challenges.

2015 NJCCN Annual Report

2015 Annual Report: Turning Point

In 2015, the NJCCN expanded its activities beyond research and analysis through undertakings that highlighted its areas of expertise – leadership, research, education, and innovation. Our 2015 annual report provided evidence that we have reached a Turning Point, and are taking the Center in a new, stronger direction.