NJ Statewide Reports

The New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing (the Center) is the primary source for data on New Jersey’s nursing workforce. Historically, we have collected and presented information on the supply of nurses in our Educational Capacity Reports and our Workforce Report. Now in 2016, we have produced our first analysis of the demand for nurses.

Our Demand Data Report is based on information from Burning Glass, a software that collects real-time data on the electronic job postings in New Jersey. This method of data collection is innovative relative to the usual survey methods, because it does not rely upon respondents to comply with a request for information. The Center can access data through Burning Glass at will, thereby removing the risk of response bias. We hope that this alternative method will provide a new perspective and inspire groundbreaking solutions to challenges within the nursing workforce.

2015 Demand Data Report

2015 NJCCN Demand Data Report