• Ensure that competent future oriented, diverse nursing providers are available in sufficient numbers and preparation to meet the demand of the evolving healthcare system in New Jersey
• Transform the healthcare system through research and innovative model programs.
• Create a central repository for education practice, and research related to nursing workforce.
• Engage academic/practice partners, inter-professional colleagues, government and legislative agencies, consumers, business and industry in workforce solutions.
• Promote a positive image for nursing

October 24th, 2014-Strategic Planning Retreat Held

NJCCN met with representatives from various organizations to set the direction for the future workforce needs.  Representatives included acute, long term care, home care and hospice, professional organizations such as NJSNA, ONE/NJ, NJHA,NJCTH and our academic partners(LPN, diploma, associate degree and baccalaureate and higher degrees, Board of Nursing and a consumer representative from AARP to begin addressing workforce issues.   The representatives from the New Jersey Action Coalition and New Jersey Nursing Initiative rounded out the participants as some of our work compliments each other. Facilitating the meeting was Dave Knowlton from Knowlton & Associates. There were 6 areas that we focused our attention to include:  1) identity, 2) roles and goals 3) communication, 4) data, 5) engagement and 6) issues facing the workforce. Some of the actions we have already instituted are:

1)To ensure we are inclusive and broad reaching we have created an advisory council to support the work of the Board.   This advisory council will make recommendations to the board for action and mirrors the representatives of the legislation.  

2)Over the next few months we will be revising our website platform to make it more user friendly and provide more useful information. 

3)The strategic plan is being developed and once approved will be rolled out to our constituents.  

If you have any questions or need more information about the center please contact us.  I look forward to a very productive year.


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