• Ensure that competent future oriented, diverse nursing providers are available in sufficient numbers and preparation to meet the demand of the evolving healthcare system in New Jersey
• Transform the healthcare system through research and innovative model programs.
• Create a central repository for education practice, and research related to nursing workforce.
• Engage academic/practice partners, inter-professional colleagues, government and legislative agencies, consumers, business and industry in workforce solutions.
• Promote a positive image for nursing

Transforming Health Care through Nurse Leadership

Leadership is key to transforming health. Nurses taking a lead in crafting healthcare reform is one of the key recommendations from the IOM (2011) Future of Nursing Leading Change, Advancing Health report. Learn in this video about why it is important and see New Jersey’s breakthrough leader: Dr. Maria Lo Grippo , in the video developed by the Center to Champion Nursing in America.



Leadership is one of the key pillars for the New Jersey Action Coalition. A survey is being distributed asking you to identify if you are currently on a board of any kind. We want to get a count of NJ nurses engagement. A link for the survey can be found on our website. The goal nationally is 10,000 nurses by 2020. Join in and be counted!!!